Submission Guidelines

BEST AMERICAN SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY is currently Open to Submissions.
Science Fiction Currently Open to Submissions
Fantasy Currently Open to Submissions

Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy


The stories chosen for this anthology must meet ALL of the following criteria:

1. The original publication of the story must be in a nationally distributed North American publication (i.e., periodicals, collections, or anthologies, in print, online, or ebook form);

2. The story must be written in English and written by a writer who is North American, or who has made North America their home;

3. The story must be published as text (audio fiction is not considered unless it also appears as text);

4. The original publication of the story must be as short fiction (excerpts of novels are not knowingly considered);

5. Story length must be 17,499 words or less;

6. The story must be at least loosely categorized as science fiction or fantasy (horror is acceptable if it also has elements of science fiction or fantasy);

7. The story must be published by someone other than the author (i.e., self-published works are not eligible);

8. The story must be an original work of the author (i.e., not part of a media tie-in/licensed fiction program);

9. The story must have been originally published between January 1 and December 31 of the eligibility year.


If you are a writer and would like to submit your own short fiction for consideration directly via our Moksha submissions portal.


If you’d like to submit complete magazine issues, anthologies, or collections that you edited or published please email Please ensure that your publication meets item #1 of the selection criteria.

Submission Responses

Because this is a best-of-the-year anthology that will be considering thousands of stories, no rejections will be sent out; instead you will just be notified if we wish to include your story in this year’s volume. No decisions will be made until after the end of the year and all stories have been considered equally. Final selections for each volume will be made in the March following the eligibility year.

Submission Periods

Submissions for each volume are open January 1 through December 1 of the eligibility year. For example, the submission period for the best of 2021 ends December 1, 2021. If your story is scheduled to appear in the eligibilty year, but is publishing after December 1, you may submit it before December 1, noting in the cover letter that the story is scheduled for publication in December.